WWN 7 Submissions and Guidelines

How to get your article published in the next edition of the WorldWideNapier magazine

We’re doing things differently for the next edition of World Wide Napier. As the world moves online, everything is becoming more streamlined, and so are we.

Theme: Oblivion

“In his seminal work “Lieu de memoire”, the French Historian Pierre Nora claims that, with the rise of media and technology, we are living in a society that has never been as obsessed about archiving events and yet we feel that a piece of news is quickly swiped over by another piece of news, and therefore quickly forgotten.”

Therefore, this issue theme, Oblivion, stands for “forgotten things and memories”.

An example could be printed photos. If we go search through are parents or grandparents shelves, be ensured to find at least one photo album, filled with pictures of weddings, family and friends. How many of us can say to have carried on with this tradition in the 21st century? Has technology played a role in all this?

Another example could be Notre Dame the Paris. In 2019, the “Fragile Old Lady of Paris” caught everyone’s attention worldwide. Only two years after the tragic fire, the French monument has been almost forgotten and media coverage has significantly been reduced.

We would like you to express your view on the topic of “forgotten things and memories”, by picking one subject associated with oblivion and turn it into an engaging article, written in French, Spanish or German. Go deep down in your analysis and show the world your sense of critical thinking.

Submission and Format guidelines

Rather than the usual method of using OneNote, this time we are taking email submissions. Using the word document template (which you can download below) to write your article, you will then email the final, FULLY CORRECTED VERSION as an attachment to worldwidenapierwwn@gmail.com, along with your selfie. The template has the correct spacing, font and size so don’t change it!

Download template here

The deadline for submissions is March the 1st, 2021 at 5 pm. If you need your article to be proof-read, simply ask your lecturer for help or please get in touch with:

  • French – Charlotte 40500027@live.napier.ac.uk
  • German – Kassandra 40401896@live.napier.ac.uk
  • Spanish – Thea 0303lucia@gmail.com or Lucia Luciamartlopezvarela@gmail.com

Please remember: editors are there ONLY to check your grammar, not to help you write the article. 

So, to summarise:
  • Theme: oblivion
  • Deadline: March 1st, 5 pm. 
  • Submit: 2 attachments–> Word doc + selfie, by email at worldwidenapierwwn@gmail.com 
  • Length: minimum 500 words
  • Copyright-free article pictures: unsplash.com; pexels.com; etc.  -please copy and paste your picture link at the bottom of your article (see template), do not send the picture.

Download the template here

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