WWN 8 Submissions and Guidelines

How to get your article published in the next edition of the WorldWideNapier magazine

Theme:  Revolution!


-Social and political revolution
-Personal revolution
-Critical thinking
-International revolutions

Submission and Format guidelines

  • Use the word document template to write your article. The template has the correct spacing, font and size so don’t change it!Make sure to include a picture (your own, or a copyright free image from Unsplash with the link) to accompany your article, in the word document!
  •  Email the final, fully corrected version as you want to be published, and your selfie, as 2 attachments to worldwidenapierwwn@gmail.com
  •  The deadline for submissions is 10th November, 23:59.
  • If you need your article to be proof-read, simply ask your lecturer for help or please get in touch with one of our editors:

French: Charlotte – charlotte.rahier@outlook.com

Spanish: Lucia (Thea) – 0303lucia@gmail.com

German: Not available at the moment

(Native in Spanish, French or German and want to proof-read and edit? Email us with your details!)

So, to summarise:
  • Theme: Revolution
  • Revolution includes: Social and political revolution, trends,education, history, culture, personal revolution, critical thinking, international revolutions, rights & others…
  • Deadline: 10th November 23:59
  • Submit: 2 attachments–> Word document with image link + selfie, by email at worldwidenapierwwn@gmail.com 
  • Length: 500 -2000 words
  • Copyright-free article pictures: unsplash.com; pexels.com; etc.  -please copy and paste your picture link at the bottom of your article (see template), do not send the picture.

Download the template here

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